Gurney Slade Weather

 Latitude N 51° 14' 33"    Longitude W 02° 31' 49"    Elevation 646 ft

Monthly Record Chart 12:15 on 29 June 2016
How to use the Chart.
The Plot Items are grouped as per the Monthly Records page, Temperature and Humidity, Rainfall, Wind & Pressure.
To make them plot click on their name in the Legend above, unplot click again.
If you mix plots from different groups the Y-Axis may overwrite each other.
Temperature and Humidity Plots are the uppermost line of the Legend(meanings below)
Highest Temperature = HT Lowest Temperature = LT Highest Dew Point = HD Lowest Dew Point = LD
Highest Apparent Temperature = HAT Lowest Apparent Temperature = LAT Lowest Wind Chill Temperature LWCT Highest Heat Index =HHI
Highest Minimum = HM Lowest Maximum = LM Highest Humidity = HH Lowest Humidity = LH
Highest Daily Range = HDR Lowest Daily Range = LDR
Rainfall Plots are the six items on the left of line two (meanings below)
Highest Rain Rate = HRR Highest Hourly Rainfall = HHR Highest Daily Rainfall = HDR Highest Monthly Rainfall = HMR
Longest Dry Period = LDP Longest Wet Period = LWP
Wind Plots are three items to the right of the Rainfall Plots (meanings below)
Highest Daily Wind Run = HWR Highest Wind Gust = HWG Highest Wind Speed Average = HWA
Pressure Plots are the last two items in line two (meanings below)
Lowest Pressure (sl) = LP Highest Pressure (sl) = HP

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